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The Web for kids, by kids

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The web for kids, by kids



Science Links

Learn more about hydroelectric energy

Great models and animations for learning about volcanoes

Explore 3 ecosystems

Build food webs


World's Habitats

Kid's site about the consequences of using natural resources

Plate Tectonics

Natural disasters

Heat Transfer



History Links

Mary Leakey

Lascaux- early human cave art

Catal Huyuk - early agricultural settlement 

Tools of early agriculture

Overview of Sumer

Explore Mesopotamia

Sumerian Irrigation Game (need flash player)

Ancient Hebrews

Ancient Greeks

Ancient Rome

Olmec Heads




Writing Links

Online Story Idea Generator


Writing conventions

Punctuating dialogue

6-Traits Ideas pdf

Compound/Complex sentences

Compare and contrast

Writing descriptively

Grammar Guide


Reading Links

Newberry award winning books


Math Links

Negative and positive integer addition game

Play many exciting math games

Learn about all kinds math by playing games

Numbers League - A cool game that helps kids learn math!


Multiplication practice

Review and pratice basic arithmetic


Decimal arithmetic

Movie- Prime Factorization

Understanding integers

Adding/Subtracting integers

Multiplying and dividing integers

Math facts practice

Percentage Problems (proportions)

Circle graphs

Percent of a number (video lesson)






Listen to the Orchestra




Shading and value

Visual elements and principles

Simple Perspective

Proportions in the human body

Drawing Faces



Learn about why people become bullies and find out what you can do to help stop it here.


Help Files- Learn how to do stuff by reading.

Learn how to use wiki markup language to spice up your text






Using wiki language to add images



Learn How To Use HTML Tags


Create math formulae with wiki formatting. WARNING The information in this site might melt your brain.


Other Links that support our classroom curriculum

Alaskan Tundra

Mt. Everest

Jesse Owens

Black History Month



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