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Our classroom wiki has changed! The new wiki can be found at: http://community.saugususd.org/dlindsay/page/

The reason for this change is that our district has now implemented wikis and blogs natively. In support of this, and because I, in part, assist in training the districts' teachers in how to use these technologies, I have adopted the new pages to model them for others in our district.


PBWiki has been an excellent host to my pages and I still support them and recommend them to other educators. Most districts do not host their own wikis so PBWiki will still be an excellent choice for many educators.


I will leave our old wiki up here as long as PBWiki will host it as an example to anyone using PBWiki for the purposes of a classroom wiki. I hope that you will get some ideas by looking at my humble efforts and hopefully go beyond.


Welcome to our Classroom Wiki!

A website run by the students, for the students



Thanks for visiting our classroom’s presence on the web. This site is like a kiosk where you can find many different kinds of information. Use the navigation tools to the right to go to a page that has what you’re looking for. This site contains information about curricular topics that we’re learning about as well as files and websites that support that learning. You can find that in the “Classroom Journal.” If you’re more interested in seeing a sampling of student work, head over to the “Creative Zone” to view student projects. The “Help! Room” contains past files that are designed to help students in various areas, while the “Web for Kids, by Kids” page contains websites that have been previously linked in the “Classroom Journal” as well as some sites that are just useful to students in general. If you’re just looking for a good book, check out the “Book Reviews” page.

Happy browsing!


Get a Voki now!


What's a wiki? I'm glad you asked. A wiki is an online document, a webpage, that can be edited right inside the web browser. What does that mean? It means that these webpages are shared by everyone in our classroom. It means that each of you have the priviledge and responsibility of making the classroom website. You can edit any of the pages in our website. Just make sure that you don't change someone else's work (other than basic spelling/grammar) without asking them.

Note to public-

This is a website that evolves under the care and efforts of an entire classroom of gradeschool students. As such, misspellings and grammatical errors will most likely be present, but one of the goals of the site is to encourage students to take responsibility for authorship and to push themselves to constantly revise and edit these pages that are available for the public eye. I do view the site daily and will correct any incorrect information that I find, as well as make suggestions for editing, style, organization, and content. For the most part, I will rely on students to make those changes because this is effectively their website.



If you do happen to spot problems of a more serious nature (before I do) please let me know immediately so I can right them.

-Mr. Lindsay


Enjoy the wiki!


See below for a list of current main pages in our classroom website. Feel free to go there and add to them!''


The Newsroom -articles written by students about campus, local, and global news
Classroom Journal -what's going on in room 15 + supplemental resources
Creative Zone -student stories, poems, and other work
Help! Room -students learn with math tutorials
Book Reviews -students share some of their favorite books

The Web for kids, by kids -cool places to go and learn

Teacher Tech Tips -files, tutorials, and ideas for teachers








Feel free to explore, but try not to add additional pages without permission. Go ahead and edit and add content to existing pages as you see fit.




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