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Classroom Journal

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Welcome to the Classroom Journal


Check the table below for information about what our classroom is currently studying. Special events are also listed (if any are coming up on the calendar) to help you stay on top of special dates. Also note that for some curricular areas I've provided follow up activities and links in the third column of the table. If you know of any interesting/informative websites for the listed topic, feel free to add them in the cell (if you're a member), or you can email me at: dlindsay@saugus.k12.ca.us.


Homework And Reminders

Homework Page (edited by volunteering students)


Holidays and Reminders!


Check the Creative Zone for current projects, including podcasts of stories that students are reading.


Current Curriculum:

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updated 5/8/08

English Language Arts

     We have been focusing on reading stories that fall under the theme of music. We read a summary of the opera, Aida. We also talked about the instruments in an orchestra. We traveled from North America, learning about Native American flute music, to Europe, to find out about the fascinating life of Beethoven.

     We took a break from the theme of music for a few weeks to read some stories in our anthology dealing with ancient civilizations. We read a story called "The Silk Route" which talked about the trade route that silk followed as it left China and made its way (through exchanges of many hands) to Byzantium.

     For the rest of the year, we'll be exploring the theme "A Question of Value." Stories in this theme, deal with the human condition and examines the moral choices of literary figures such as King Midas.

     We have been reviewing many of the grammar concepts that we've learned this year, and continue to practice writing with clarity, making sure that our ideas make sense and have good organization.


Native American Flute Music




Grammar Guide


     We recently finished a discussion of angles and polygons. We focused particularly on triangles and how to find missing angles in paired figures with complimentary and supplemental angles.

     Currently we're studying percentages and how they can be used to calculate discounts, tax, and bank interest.

     In the upcoming weeks, we'll be looking at more geometry (this time 3D) and statistics.

     We will also be reading and interpreting a variety of different graphs. Some students will be working ahead on algebra concepts.


Percentage Problems (proportions)

Percent of a number (video lesson)


Perimeter, Area, Surface Area, Volume




Mean, Median, Mode, Range



     Our science pilot is over and I will be switching back to the curriculum we started the year with. I enjoyed this program very much and am excited to use it for some of the remaining topics this year. Mainly, we still have to go over heat transfer and continue driving home experimental procedures and scientific method.



Heat Transfer



Social Studies


     We just have Rome left this year, but I'd like to try and give some exposure to Meso-American civilzations just for some contrast. Ancient Civilizations Day was a great success. Thank you for providing support for the activities and thanks to the parents whose schedules allowed them to help out in the classroom that day.



Ancient Rome


Olmec Heads


     We will be looking at the proportion of the human face and creating self portraits in different styles.

     Ancient Civilizations Day generated a great deal of thematic art that the students really enjoyed creating.

Drawing Faces




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