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Book Reviews

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Welcome to Book Reviews



Note to editors : Feel free to copy the block of text and simply change the book title, author, and commentary to suit you.

Note to parents and students : Looking for quality books? You can't go wrong with a Newbery Medal Award winner.

Maniac Magee by Jerry Spinelli What an awesome book this was! At times I laughed, and at times I cried. While this story seems to be about the adventures of a boy, Maniac Magee, the bigger story is about prejudice. This book is about tearing down the barriers of prejudice by becoming informed. According to Spinelli, it's ignorance that is the root of prejudice. --Mr. Lindsay
A Wizard of Earthsea by Ursala Leguin Before Harry went to Hogwarts, a boy named Ged was finding his magical wings. This fantasy story is the desperate adventure of a boy who is trying to save the world from the evil he unleashed by his pride. This is a book about knowing yourself- the good and the bad, and it's about staying humble. "Pride goeth before a fall" --Mr. Lindsay
So You Want to be a Wizard by Diane Duane The epic beginning of two young wizard's amazing quest to rid the world of evil. A fantastic tale of magic and monsters fighting for the fate of the world. These two have sworn to protect the universe by any means necessary and if need be their lives. A great beginning to an all-out magical adventure. In here it's what you know that counts. --Josh
Warriors, The Rising Storm by Erin Hunter All the cat clans of the forest struggle for survival. Clans get into battles to defend their own territory from another clan. This book is filled with danger, friends, and a new danger that threatens everything in the forest. Will the clans survive this new danger or perish from it? The main point in the book is how friends and enemies survive in a forest of dangers. -- Justin
Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince by J.K Rowling Just when you think there is no adventure left,Harry Potter is in for his most adventurest year yet at Hogwarts.Many suprises,twists and turnes are in this book so you never now what you are in for next.This book contains many interesting things you would never think were coming in the Harry Potter series.Such as new teachers,more spells,main characters dying, but many old faces returning at Hogwarts.Before I tell you to much get Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince and start unleashing all the book has to offer.-Taylor
The Last Dog on Earth by Daniel Ehrenhaft A young boy, Logan, hates many people. After getting his step dad angry he is forced to get a dog to teach him responsibility. But instead of gettting the pure-breed his step dad wants him to get, logan takes a old abandened dog from the pound. When he accidently gets in trouble with the law, and with the dog disease spreading Logan and his dog must escape many dangers to cure all dogs and escape the law. -- Justin
Honus and Me by Dan Gutman A young boy finds out that he has powers to travel back in time by holding onto an old baseball card and thinking of its time. In this story a boy travels through time back to when Honus Wagner was alive and they go on a adventure to find out about ones past. In the past the boy learns about Honus's life and finds out that the boy's neighbor was someone Honus used to know.-- Matthew
Chasing Redbird by Sharron Creech In her life she calls a bowl of spaghetti, Zinny has always lived in the chaos of her brothers. She's so tired of no body recognizing her or appriciating her.Until Jake Boone came back to town. When she finds the trail in her backyard, it becomes her obsession. What she finds up there isn't what she expects. She discovers her unanswered questions and family secrets. This book is about a young girl discovering that life is a tangle of mysteries.--Melissa
The Magicans Nephew by C.S. Lewis A young boys uncle is a magican and is the farrest think from fake! Using magical rings to travel through a dozen different worlds, he sends his nephew and his friend through an amazing and adventuress quest! Disturbing each one of those worlds the children get an unexpected hitchiker.-Delaney
Hoot by Carl Hiaasen This is an amazing book!Hoot is about a young boy,Roy,who moves to Florida and sees another boy running. Roy would not usually look out the window on the bus, but today he was, because he was being forced by Dana Matherson. Dana is the bully at school.The running boy does not have a backpack or shoes. Roy gets off the bus and is going to follow the running boy. Later, Roy finds out that the running is trying to save owls and their burrows from the pancake house construction. Will they save the owls? Find out, read it! It is really great!--Jenna
Warriors, The Darkest Hour By Erin Hunter

In this awsome book, the forest cats struggle to find out the meaning of a new prophacy. The is battle, friends, and secrets reavealled in this book. --Justin

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